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My story

I started making hats for myself, mainly because I couldn't find anything I liked. Coming from a very different background, I used to run/ own over the past two decades cocktails bars in Sydney and Paris. Hat making eventually became more than a hobby, my passion for this craft grew over the time, it embodied two important aspect which make me very happy to go to work, the creativity and the satisfaction of making something with my own hands, from start to finish.

Made in France

Every hats are made in my workshop near Montpellier in the south of France, I tried to get all my supplies and materials as close as i can.


All hats are handmade using traditional millinery techniques, a cocktail of heat and steam, sewing, embroidery, stitching.. Hats are made on orders, please expect a three weeks turnaround on the making process.

Custom made 

I have a selection of hats on the shop section but if you're after something unique I can do personalised orders, please leave me a message on the contact page to start the process.

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